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What is a hearing loop?

Hearing loops allow you to hear speech from a distance directly in your hearing aid like your own personal headphones! It works through an induction loop system in which a copper wire is installed around the perimeter of the room and connected to an electronic sound source (think a microphone in a church or large gathering space or a television). The sound that is broadcast over the magnetic loop is then picked up by a tiny telecoil inside of your hearing aid and you hear the person speaking directly in your ear.

If I have hearing aids, why do I need a hearing loop?

Hearing aids help you hear better in many environments including restaurants, family gatherings, and general conversation. One challenge for hearing aids is distance. Hearing aid microphones work best up to 6 feet in front of you. When you are in a large gathering place, such as a place of worship or theater, it is unlikely you will be 6 feet from the speaker. Hearing loops solve that problem! They bring the speaker’s voice directly into your hearing aids.

Can a hearing loop help me if I don’t have hearing aids?

Yes! Most facilities that have a hearing loop installed will have loaner receivers that you can check-out in order to hear the loop through headphones.

How can I test a hearing loop or learn to use it?

At Hearing Associates, we encourage you to come in for an appointment to learn more about the hearing loop.  We urge you to listen to the television via the hearing loops that are installed in each of the office waiting rooms and encourage you to attend local places of worship or the Marriott Theatre and link into the sound system via the hearing loops installed there. Listening via a hearing loop is like listening with a loudspeaker in your ear—no background noise, no distance issues, and no annoying echo—just pure, clear sound.

Where are hearing loops installed?

In Lake County and surrounding areas there are over 90 hearing loops installed, many of which Hearing Associates actively facilitated their installation! Here is a list of local hearing loops. Many of our patients also have installed hearing loops in their family rooms or bedrooms to hear the television directly in their ears. Contact us today to learn how to take advantage of hearing loop technology.


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