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We, the professional and support staff of Hearing Associates, Inc., are dedicated to providing the most recent, state-of-the-art technological advancements to assess, preserve, protect and enhance hearing since we consider hearing the most critical of all the senses.

As practitioners of Audiology, we are firmly committed to the position that Doctors of Audiology are the entry point in the health care arena for persons with hearing and balance disorders and/or suspected disorders. Doctors of Audiology are the only choice in providers to diagnose a hearing loss and formulate and implement a rehabilitation plan.

We love what we do and our patient’s agree because they love the results!

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State-of-the-Art Hearing Assessment

“I was very satisfied!”

“The doctor was excellent in addressing my issues, answering my questions, and taking all the time needed without making me feel rushed! I also was very satisfied with the prompt follow-up results and paperwork sent to me! I would not hesitate to return if needed.”

C.I., Zion

“My initial interview at Hearing Associates addresssed my lifestyle and personal “pet peeves” about my hearing loss.”

“The doctors listened, incorporating my needs and wants into the solution they recommended. Moreover, without any additional charge, the professionals at Hearing Associates offer training classes that provide me with techniques to maximize my hearing capabilities in a variety of situations. These classes empower me to be more knowledgeable about my hearing loss and how to manage it. Furthermore, they inform me of various new technologies available, some free of charge, to assist me in finding hearing loss solutions.”

K.H., Libertyville

“We so appreciate your kindness and expertise.”

“The best care we have received yet in a long line of doctors. ”

Kara Nawrocki, Libertyville

State-of-the-Art Balance Assessment / Management

“I was amazed at how good I felt as I left the office that day”

“I’m so glad I mentioned my problem with dizziness when I saw you two weeks ago. You told me you thought Hearing Associates might be able to help me, and it DID! I had the videonystagmography test with Dr. Carly Girard in your office and after doing an exercise she prescribed at home for a week, I saw her again within one week. Since a few additional maneuvers on the second visit, I have had NO symptoms of dizziness, and am so pleased to be feeling 100% after 2 long months of wrestling with this problem!. . . It was interesting and I was amazed at how good I felt as I left the office that day. You may remember my telling you that I’d undergone several tests prior to this to rule out possible reasons for the problem. I am so pleased that you picked up on it and set me on the right track for putting two very uncomfortable months behind me! Thanks so much!”

Judy Helge, Mundelein

Our Extraordinary Service

“The entire office staff, top to bottom, is to be commended for their professional and courteous manner.”

“A small note with a large “Thank You” for the services I received while purchasing my first hearing aid. Hearing Associates was not my first choice in the selection process, but thankfully it was my last. Considering the difficulties that we incurred, through no fault of yours or mine, I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. I doubt very seriously that I would have received the same service level or anywhere near the attention with the first provider. Recognizing that I had a hearing loss was as much an emotional struggle as it was a physical one, and doubt that I’m alone on this issue. After two visits, it was like going to see a close friend. The receptionists and office staff know you by name, and that alone helped to restore my “Comfort” level. Financially, Hearing Associates and the first provider were about the same. What really sets Hearing Associates on top is the education. There is no comparison. The entire office staff, top to bottom, is to be commended for their professional and courteous manner. Once again, thank you.”

Gerry Rizzo, Green Oaks, IL

“Hearing Associates is a top flight group!”

“It’s so great to see real Doctors of Audiology. Great service and care from all the staff members. True concern for the patients and I have recommended Hearing Associates to many of my friends and family.”

J. Sannes Waukegan, IL

“I would highly recommend this practice to anyone in need of hearing services.”

“Dr. Girard was very attentive. She made us feel special. My son was very at ease with the testing procedure. Dr. Girard was able to meed all of my son’s needs.”

Erlinda Krigbaum, Gurnee, IL

“I thank God for giving me this wonderful team of doctors and especially for Julie!”

“After losing my hearing 5 years ago, I was referred to a very reputable hearing center. After going every week to every other week for 2 years and being treated like it was my entire fault I quit going and started to live a life of loneliness and withdrew from friends and family. I was told about Hearing Associates; I looked them up online and decided it was time to try again. I made an appointment and met with Dr. Julie Jones. She was so professional and showed both concern and determination to conquer my situation. From the first time meeting with her my hearing aids were adjusted to a point that I could even hear the turn signal of the car! She is such a caring person and has truly made a difference in my life. I can even go to the show again and order from a drive thru! I am a patient for life. Everyone there is very good and helpful. ”

P. Bentley

“Thank you.”

“I was very pleased. Answered all of my questions. Was very thurough about what was going on. Was just 100% on: doctors, assistants, and products.”

F.P., Waukegan, IL

“I cannot overstate the positive difference Hearing Associates has made in my life.”

“Hearing Associates wasn’t my first choice. I wish it had been! Hearing Associates’ comprehensive testing, compassionate attention to the personal needs of their clients, efforts to empower each patient through education and up-to-date knowledge of current technological tools set them apart – head and shoulders above even other highly recommended audiologists. I cannot overstate the positive difference Hearing Associates has made in my life. I’m grateful that though I didn’t start out with Hearing Associates, I ended up with them!”

K.H., Libertyville

“Dr. Girard was fantastic with our son!”

“We will absolutely recommend and use Hearing Associates again. Thank you!”

Rachel Halihan, McHenry, IL

Our Hearing Aids

“My mother loves her hearing aids.”

“I brought my 90 year old mother. The experience was fantastic for her. She was very comfortable and everyone was so helpful. My mother loves her hearing aids. It could not have been a better experience. Thank you!”

Becky G.

“Thank you for the wonderful gift of hearing.”

“I have been wearing hearing aids for over 25 years and CIC (Completely-in-the-Canal) style for over 10 years. Without a doubt, these CIC aids have been the absolute best. Specific observations: The fit is extraordinary with zero leakage and no “whistling” or feedback. The feedback suppression works very well and even when using earphones. The sound is more natural and extremely clear. Noise suppression seems improved when in noisy environments like at restaurants and meetings. Sounds that I have not been hearing are now clearly audible. I hear voices and sounds that normally would be missed. Music sounds very good and I seem to be hearing in a wider frequency range–in particular, the higher frequencies (female vocalist and high notes). When I sing it has been a totally new experience. I hear myself better, which helps me sing the correct notes and maintain proper pitch (sometimes I wish I could not hear that part, but at last I can make the adjustments). Use on the phone (which is a very high percentage of my work) is excellent. I hear voices, even soft ones, clearly and even hear electronic sounds I never realized were there. The material used in the case seems to be easier to clear off the ear wax. The lack of the totally red or blue case had created problems trying to install in the wrong ears. That was only a temporary issue. Battery life seems to be the same, approximately 5-6 days. I really like the low battery alert, which gives you time to get to your battery supply. Even though they are CIC, I seem to hear sounds from areas other than directly in front of me. With no program buttons to push, it has become totally automatic. All sound environments are immediately compensated for, be it loud, soft, music or voice. Thank you for the wonderful gift of hearing.”

Carl Norlin, Owner, MGM Locksmiths, Mundelein

“I have already told all my friends if they ever need a hearing aid to be sure to go to you.”

May S.

“My Mom’s hearing has improved so much with her new aids!”

“I have searched for a competent audiology group for my Mom for years….her hearing issues are related to age and a genetic predisposition. Of 8 siblings, 5 have serious hearing loss issues. My Mom has purchased 3 different hearing aids in the past 15 years. Not one of these aids worked well for her. The fit was improper….and the improvement to her hearing was not what had been promised. We often felt that we were at the mercy of sales people who wanted to make a sale, not help improve anyone’s hearing. We met with Dr. Girard who immediately fixed a feedback issue on my Mom’s current aids. After a thorough hearing test and exam, Dr. Girard recommended a new system that would greatly increase my Mom’s hearing capability. After the initial exam, my Mom’s comment was “I’ve never had such a thorough evaluation.” My Mom’s hearing has improved so much with her new aids! She can hear in church, she can engage in conversations again and participate in events happening around her. She was becoming withdrawn and depressed due to hearing loss. I am happy to say she is now back to her engaging disposition . . . interested in what is happening around her and engaging with her children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The “Costco- one size fits all” approach to hearing loss won’t work for most people with hearing loss…and it’s sad that so many are not aware of that fact. So many hearing issues can be dealt with more successfully when dealing with professionals, dedicated to increasing each individual’s needs. I recommend Hearing Associates very highly!”

Marian Baumann, Wilmette

“Warren is very happy and feels more part of everything.”

“Our relationship is so much better now that Warren can hear. Warren is very happy and feels more part of everything. He wears them every minute he’s awake!”

Mary & Warren S.

“I was particularly impressed with the emphasis on better hearing rather than trying to sell a device.”

Owen H.

“Thank You!”

“A friend bought his hearing aid from a local Audiologist. We both learned we had the same make, same price, but he didn’t get any of the attention or help I did. Thank You!”

Robert S.

“ I always felt like a person on the outside of the window with the party going on inside and I could observe but could not participate.”

“For years I continued to regularly see my past audiologist to find out what the latest technology was and every four or five years I replaced my hearing aids with what I was told was the latest and best models. The fact that I spent considerable sums of money for hearing instruments that were supposed to be the best but in truth were still not addressing my hearing loss adequately put me in a state of emotional sadness and acceptance that this was the best that it could be considering the circumstances. Because of my impaired hearing, I always felt like a person on the outside of the window with the party going on inside and I could observe but could not participate. Once I got my new hearing aids I allowed myself to analyze and shed a few tears for the time lost but then they quickly became tears of joy and a resolution to make up for lost time with a robust grasp at everything that I can now do with my new hearing aids. The new hearing aids work independent of one another. You don’t hear a double dose of noise. They differentiate the sounds and they give a sense of direction that was missing before. You don’t feel exhausted at the end of the day because you haven’t been bombarded with a barrage of mechanical noises that drown out the natural sound. The end result is that you have a feeling of participating with very little effort on your part, just like with normal hearing people.”

Kay Guzder, Hawthorn Woods

Our Primary Goal:

“To improve the quality of life by facilitating the installation of hearing loops because hearing aids are only a small part of the total hearing solution.”

“I am so overjoyed that at last I can once again attend a theatre production.”

“I just saw the news that the looping system is approved for installation at the Marriott Theatre in Lincolnshire, Illinois. I am so overjoyed that at last I can once again attend a theatre production. It has been many years since I have been able to hear the dialogue at a play and therefore I stopped buying tickets and attending theatre productions with my friends and family. Since so much of social interaction is dependent on the ability to hear and converse, it has been particularly frustrating for me not to be able to enjoy the theatrical productions I used to enjoy. Since learning that the Marriott Theatre has become the latest venue to use the looping system, I am considering getting seasons tickets for next year’s productions. Thanks to you and your colleagues at Hearing Associates I have been able to personally experience the difference the looping system made when you introduced the looping system at my church, The North Shore Unitarian Church in Deerfield, Illinois. Similar to the frustration I felt at not being able to hear the dialogue at plays, I had the same experience related to attendance at church. I had not been able to attend for many years because I felt like I was someone looking in through the window who could not fully participate in the service. I was unable to hear the minister preach the sermon, unable to make out the words of the children speaking to the congregation, and unable to participate in any meaningful way in the Sunday service. After Hearing Associates installed the looping system I began to attend services regularly since the minister’s microphone loops the sound directly into my hearing aids. I am able now to hear every word and follow and participate in the service. Thanks you once again for all that you are doing to make the difference in the lives of hearing impaired people. I feel hopeful that we will be able to overcome all the obstacles that we encounter in public venues as more and more awareness of the magic of the looping system becomes known. In time, maybe we will be able to hear announcements in airports and train stations and once again be able to hear the dialogue in movies. My hope is that all major public gathering places will put in the looping systems. Now, it seems, there will be more opportunities for hearing impaired people to participate in many activities instead of living with isolation and frustration. Hopefully there will be more public awareness and a better understanding of the social isolation suffered by healing impaired people of every age who have a hearing loss disability by all of your good work.”

Kay Guzder, Counseling Psychologist, Hawthorn Woods

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